“Anyone can build a hotel. breathe life into him a few are able to.”

Creativity, professionalism and passion in all we do, anable us to create a unique place, where you can feel the spirit of Poland. Sacrifice and hard work of the creators and friends and support of the Polish cinematography master Jerzy Hoffman resulted in creation of an object, whose heart is a hotel gallery devoted to great Polish writer Henryk Sienkiewicz.

Among unique interiors you can find a number of exhibits and pictures which bring our guests close to the times of the biggest magnificence of Poland.

An additional aim of our acticity is to communicate culture. Thus, we organise a large number of concerts and exhibitions. Famous people the world od culture, politics and sport who were our guests are a confirmation that we are special.

We have created our place with the idea of providing our guests with food for body and thought. We hope that you will take a liking to pur philosophy because there is no better reward for us than a satisfaction of our guests.